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Through a series of workshops and private consultations we can help you find your Pathways to Performance®.


Pathways to Performance® is built on the belief that you can achieve more than you thought possible through awareness, knowledge, creativity and trust.

How many times have you said, ‘I can’t’ or ‘it’s too hard’?
Don’t let your current thoughts and knowledge limit what you can achieve.
It’s time to ‘…rethink your potential™’.

We all have habits. Habits of how we move, how we speak, how we think.
What we don’t know often is what these habits are, what the effect is on our performance and how we can choose to change these habits. Did you know that the brain has an amazing ability to retrain itself? We can learn new ways of moving and responding even in the most challenging situations.

Through a series of workshops and private consultations we can help you find your Pathways to Performance®.

Our Vision

‘…rethink your potential™’

Allow yourself to see through the glass ceiling, say goodbye to your physical aches and pain and challenge your mental boundaries. We have witnessed many inspirational and life changing stories… what will be yours?

Our Values


To solve the problem, you need to own the problem. Only you can change yourself.


Your individual patterns and habits are comfortable and familiar. Be inspired to explore the possibilities to find new and creative approaches.


It’s easy to be an armchair critic. However, only when you ‘do it for yourself’ will you truly realise the benefits and understand what the experience can teach you. So to change the result… Don’t try, do!

Our Core Principles

Withholding Judgment

Just because something is different, doesn’t mean it is wrong. Learn to experience new ways of moving, thinking and speaking without applying a negative critique. Just notice what you do and don’t undertake analysis paralysis.

Knowing the Facts

A wise person once said, you are perfect for what you know at this point in time. This is true, as we can only be as effective as per the information we have on hand. To break an old habit you should ensure you understand the details. Do you know where your lungs actually are? Do you know how your hip joints move? Do you know how your voice is made?
Before you choose your response, you need to know the facts!

Being Curious

We often rush through our daily grind, knowing or assuming we know how it will end up. Have you ever just stopped and allowed yourself to just notice what is going on around you, in your thinking, in your body… without pre-judging? Watch a child learning someone for the first time, they view the world with amazement and intrigue. Allow yourself to be curious and see something new and different, it won’t hurt you and you might actually enjoy it.

Trusting the Process

To learn a language or an instrument takes time, patience and skill. Changing old habits and retraining your brain requires the same commitment. You are on a journey of learning, which can be both rewarding and frustrating. You need to trust the process that you are undertaking, as though you are the instrument that needs to be mastered.

Allowing New Possibilities

If you always do things the same way, the same thing will always happen. The brain and body are remarkably complex and are designed for maximum efficiency through minimal effort. Sometimes it’s actually what we do that gets in the way of our naturally designed potential.

Allow a new experience, it could feel different, yet it may just be your first step on your Pathways to Performance®.