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Through a series of workshops and private consultations we can help you find your Pathways to Performance®.

Our Team

Have you ever worked with a person or a team that you thought,  ‘if I could take you with me I would’?  Well this is the team we have at Pathways to Performance®!
Our team has a vast range of complementary skills and specialities to align with your needs and requirements.  They will guide you through the process to ‘…rethink your potential™’ and help you realise goals you never thought possible.

Carina Thomas

Carina is the Founder and Director of Pathways to Performance®.  Her experience has been collected from around the globe as she reaches her 20th year supporting and developing others to maximise their performance.

Carina has been responsible for international health and wellbeing benefit programmes and is a highly experienced facilitator and corporate trainer.  She has a passion for public speaking and helping to educate others that there is always a solution if you own the problem.

Carina focuses on the interplay between the mind and body and believes that ‘what you think is what you do’.  She is a registered psychologist and teacher of the Alexander Technique and has worked extensively in the Human Resources field with organisations including Ericsson, Arthur Andersen, Crystal Decisions (SAP), British Telecom, Visa Europe, Iron Mountain, ANZ and DHS.

Carina has the travel bug and it is easier to ask where she hasn’t been.   She loves all types of sporting activities including cycling, yoga and can’t wait to dance the tango in Argentina.  Her adventure goal for 2012 is to gain her PADI scuba licence and dive amongst the fishes on our great Reef.

Sarah Cathcart

Sarah is an award winning actress, writer and theatre director and a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts. Sarah has taught hundreds of people in the art of acting and stagecraft. She also applies her skills to the corporate sector working with business people in public speaking, barristers on their court presentations and coaching marriage celebrants.  Sarah is a teacher of the Alexander Technique, holds a BA in English and Politics and is a level one corporate coach.

A highly respected acting teacher, Sarah has taught for the last twenty-five years.  Currently teaching at the Victorian College of the Arts, she has also taught at La Trobe University, Victoria University, Swinburne University, Rusden State College, St Paul’s School USA and guest lectured at Leicester Polytechnic in the UK. Sarah applies her skills to teach the art of presentation, encompassing techniques to overcome nerves and finding ease, power and presence through connection to the body and voice.

Sarah has co-written and performed four solo shows and has appeared in the Melbourne International Arts Festival, toured Australia, the UK, Europe and the east coast of the United States.   From 1997 to 2001 Sarah was the artistic director of the Women’s Circus.  She is a freelance director and her most recent show, TRACY, was based on interviews with Darwin residents who had survived the cyclone.

Sarah likes to run every morning and has been practising yoga and meditation for thirty years.  The practise of bringing the mind and body into the present moment underpins all her teaching work and in particular what it is to be fully present with everything we do whether that be speaking, greeting, surfing or gardening.   Her body and mind work can also be applied to easing back pain and being more mindful in how we walk, run, sit, lift and simply move.

Sarah loves travelling in the Australian outback, surfing along the Great Ocean Road and dancing in her lounge room.

Christine Collins

Christine is a registered psychologist and has had a very successful consulting career specialising in Performance Management, Training and Development, Career Development and Coaching and Mentoring. Christine is an expert in organisational culture and change and is a highly experienced group process facilitator. Prior to becoming a specialist consultant in 1989, Christine held positions as a Teacher, Psychologist, Adult Trainer and Senior Manager with the Victorian Ministry of Education.

Christine has worked with a broad range of industry sectors such as oil & gas, automotive, telecommunications, government including education, food, utilities, and services. This has frequently involved ongoing assignments and long-term relationships with particular clients. Her work has been with staff from CEO to shop floor level representing diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Christine also has extensive experience working in and leading inter/multidisciplinary teams. She has a reputation for providing creative, innovative and cutting edge interventions that can be directed at an individual, group or systemic level.

Christine is a trained executive coach and workplace facilitator.  Her professional qualifications include a Master of Educational Studies and Certificate IV Workplace training.  Christine has undertaken numerous assignments for Managing Stress in the Workplace and is accredited in identifying Depression in the Workplace. She has developed assessment and training programs for staff morale and performance based interventions. Christine’s career has taken her to corners of the globe, including Ontario Canada, Western Samoa and the Timor Sea working on a Floating Production and Storage Off-take Vessel.

Christine enjoys travelling overseas and immersing herself in different cultures. She is a sole parent of one daughter and two dogs. She enjoys working at the cutting edge and being challenged to exceed expectations.

Jenny Thirtle

Jenny Thirtle is a senior teacher of the Alexander Technique and Assistant Director of The School for F.M. Alexander Studies.  She was a soloist in the National Opera of New Zealand.  Jenny has performed and taught singing in London and Birmingham and has taught at the Victorian College of the Arts and Monash University.   Jenny is a highly regarded Alexander teacher and works with both performers and people with pain, RSI and issues of movement. Jenny has been instrumental in changing the lives and careers of many performers and pain sufferers.

Jenny began her career studying clarinet at Wellington Polytechnic NZ.  She then went on to study towards a Bachelor of Music (performance) in singing, at Victoria University (Wellington) before being invited as part of the promising young singers program, to join The National Opera of New Zealand as a soloist.  In 1984 she won a major study grant and went to London.  During her time in London, Jenny studied singing with David Harper, worked with various other voice coaches and studied the Alexander Technique for use with her singing.

Since completing the Alexander Teacher Training course in 1996, Jenny has run workshops and master classes at the Melba Conservatorium, Victorian College of the Arts Drama Department, Monash University Music Department, The Suzuki Music Association, CAE and many Secondary Colleges around Melbourne.

Jenny has been teaching at The School for FM Alexander Studies teacher training school since 2003.  She runs group sessions and master classes for the voice and movement.  Jenny is a thought leader in the application of the Alexander Technique in understanding the integration of the mind and body and how one impacts the other.

In November 2011, Jenny and one of her sons successfully completed the Great Victorian Bike Ride.   Her cycling and gym workout have challenged both her fitness and her application of the Alexander Technique.  Jenny likes to twiddle on her piano and her cello to keep herself sane!  Jenny and her family are planning to go to China in 2012 to experience the sights, sounds and smells.

Irit Rozenfeld

Irit is the Administrator and Receptionist at Pathways to Performance. She has performed this role at the School for F.M. Alexander Studies since 2009, a fortunate position that has allowed her to assist and engage with influential people while gaining rare insights into the mind and body connection. She is also a practicing Emmett Therapist.

After 3 years as a classroom teacher and music coordinator in primary and secondary schools, Irit began learning Emmett Technique and enrolled into the Bachelor of Health Science in Musculoskeletal Therapy at Endeavour College of Natural Health where she is currently completing her studies.

Irit is also a musician, having toured nationally and internationally with several groups. She enjoys adventures away from home and is a Vipassana meditator. She is very excited to be part of the Pathways to Performance team.

Specialist Consultants

Pathways to Performance® have a community of consultants that work with us on a specialist basis.  If we believe that one of our wider team is the best fit for you, we will engage with them to support our process.