Posture & Fitness

Do you slump or slide down into your chair?

Does your back ache after a long walk?

Do you want to have better posture and poise?

Do you want to get the edge on your sporting buddies?

Did you know that if you measure yourself before bed and when you wake up, you will be 1-2 inches taller after you sleep?  Due to gravity and poor posture, your spine compresses over the course of a day and you inevitably lose that spring in your step.  The human body is a feat of engineering, with 206 bones and over 600 muscles.  The body has the ability to respond upon command, both consciously and unconsciously via nerve impulses sent from the brain and spinal cord.    So why do we experience pain and fatigue?

To put it simply, because we do too much and hold an excess of muscle tension, which inhibits the bodies ability to access it’s natural design.  Consider the movements of a young child.  A child’s head is actually disproportionately large for their body, but yet they can walk and run with ease.  Children have not yet created habits of movement and tension to restrict them.

As adults, we let the weight of the world bear down upon us, or we hold ourselves in a state of militant readiness.  In order to allow your body to move optimally you need to understand your own habits.  Do you stand with more weight on one leg, do you shift your pelvis forward and pull in your lower back, and do you hold your shoulders up and clench your jaw?  Once you know what your habits are and why you do them, you can then look to reintroduce freedom of movement and your own natural spring.

Fitness Australia (2011) found that 47.3% of people exercised regularly due to the desire to look good.  Look in the mirror and relax your face muscles, the difference will be obvious. Easeful posture can make you look thinner and younger in minutes.  The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare states that 10% of all injuries are sports related.  Watch an animal run to catch its prey… they never pull a muscle.

Your posture and fitness can be improved by learning how your body actually works, understanding what you do to get in its way and how you can change your old habits into new healthy ones.