Public Speaking

Does the thought of speaking to a group make you anxious?

Do your palms sweat and your heart race?

Do you search for the exits to make a quick getaway?

Do you have a great idea to share, but the words just don’t come out?

Public speaking or death?   You may laugh, but the mere thought of speaking to a group, can ignite fear and anxiety into even the most confident person.

So why is this the case?  Public speaking elicits the primal fear response of flight or fight.  Your heart begins to race; your blood starts to pump and adrenalin races through your body.  This is a normal and automatic response.  You cannot stop it happening, so how can you use it to your advantage.

Leverage your natural fear and adrenaline to help you communicate what’s important to you. Learn how to identify and use your own personal style to invite the attention of the audience.

Consider this: If you are a member of the audience, what do you judge a successful presentation on?  The number of bullets on the slide or starting on time… perhaps so, but most importantly is the quality of the speaker and their ability to convey their message.  Consider Barack Obama, whether you agree with his position or not, you want to listen to him.  He invites you to listen to him.

Through an understanding of your body’s natural physiological responses and the ability to choose your state of mind, you will develop the ability to speak with confidence, ease and presence.

Carol was a very successful business woman.  She had the respect of her managers and colleagues, but she would fall apart when giving a presentation or speaking to a large group.   There were butterflies in her stomach, she was breathy and spat out her words quickly, so she wouldn’t forget what was coming next. With an understanding of why she reacted this way and new tools and tips to experiment with, Carol became confident in her speaking. She was able to get her message across clearly and was no longer afraid of the question and answer segments.. in fact she enjoyed them!

Neuroscientific studies have shown the 75% of people of suffer from speech anxiety.  Speech anxiety is when people who can easefully speak with 2 or 3 people experience problems when speaking to a large group.  Is your fear holding you back?