Workplace Injury Prevention

Do you want to reduce cost of workplace injury?

Do you have to undertake repetitive movements or lift heavy objects?

Are you in pain sitting at your desk or driving your vehicle?

Are your employees too important to lose to injury?

When you think of a workplace injury, you may think of a fall or an electric shock.  Surprisingly, The Australian Bureau of Statistics (2011) cited the majority of workplace injuries are sprains or strains (30%) followed by chronic joint or muscle conditions (18%).  Workplace injury costs the Australian economy in excess of $30 billion per annum in direct injury cost, lost productivity and worker’s compensation payments.  However, when you are the one in pain and unable to work, these numbers mean little and you just want to get back to normal.

So what can you and your company do to avoid injury?  Think about what you do on a daily basis.  Do you sit at a desk or undertake manual handling? Do you drive a truck or forklift? Do you lift adult patients or carry young children?

It’s actually not what you do, but how you do it.

The ABS cited the most common workplace injuries result from lifting, pulling or pushing an object (27%).   We all know, or think we know how to lift and carry properly.  But do you know where your hips joints are and where your knees actually bend?  Do you realise that your spine runs from behind your cheekbones right down to the base of your tail and it isn’t designed to bend in the middle.     It only takes a moment to pull a muscle in your back or shoulder and it only takes a moment, a critical moment, to decide you might do it differently.

Years of ergonomic training have positioned you to minimise movement and allow everything to be within reach. Sitting and working in the same patterns can lead to overuse of certain muscles, stiffness in the joints and a restriction in your overall range of movement.

Imagine, being able to sit at your desk without back or neck pain.   Being able to make it through the day without a headache or eyestrain.  Have you ever really considered how the pressure of deadlines and deliverables impacts your ability to move with ease and avoid injury?

Learn that “what you think” is “what you do” and don’t become a workplace statistic!