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Absenteeism reduced by 42% using Alexander Technique

Wellness in the Workplace

For many years I was involved in managing and paying the bills for employee health programmes. I saw millions of dollars spent every year on injured or sick employees, with a large proportion from stress and/or back and neck injuries. We managed hospital and insurance costs, employee absenteeism, return to work approaches while trying to maintain overall company employee engagement.

The best company I worked for was one where the preventative strategies far outweighed the treatment provisions. Employees were provided with access to allied health professionals and were encouraged to manage themselves in the workplace- to take breaks, to exercise, to actually have some fun.

Employee Wellness Programmes are not just a passing trend. They are proven to have sustainable results.

Victorinox in Switzerland actually decreased their absenteeism by 42% by having an Alexander Technique Teacher on staff.

So whether you are an employer or an employee, think about the type of workplace you want to work in and see what changes you can make. The best changes are the ones that come from within!

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